Monday, January 7, 2013

Mission Statement: What is The Wicker Scale

Last year sucked hard for me.

This is a weird way to start of a blog that's going to be mostly movie and TV reviews, but I think it's an important thing to know before we start this. Besides, like most things created after New Years this will probably disappear in a month or two. But yeah, last year was horrible for me. To name a few things, I dropped out of school. Well, that's being generous. I flunked out of school because I was so depressed and confused I didn't leave my dorm room all day and instead marathoned through The Sopranos, and even though it's an amazing show, it's main thesis is essentially "people won't change no matter how much they want to because it's easier not to." Not exactly the best thing for a depressed kid to watch.

Oh, and I also, you know, changed my gender identity and have been going to therapy about it and came out to my parents but not many other people in my life know about it. So that happened.

Anyway, the point is that last year sucked. I had to leave school and move back in with my parents just in time for all my friends from home to move out, get a job at a crummy convenience store that doesn't give me enough hours to justify me working there, and watched a whole lot of Fraiser.

Actually, I watched a whole lot of things, really. In the past year I probably haven't sat on my butt and done nothing but watch movies and TV shows this much since, well, 2011. The thing is, despite all this, nothing came out of it. I watched stuff, maybe posted a tweet about it, and that's it.

Well this year I'm going to change that. I'm super cereal about this. So I made this little blog to do so. And a REAL blog, not a Tumblr I use to pretend I write stuff but really just use to repost a picture from Ghost Trick or something. On this blog, I state that I will review EVERYTHING that I watch out of a screen. It doesn't even need to be super analytical or anything, just something that says "Hey, I watched this, and here's an opinion nobody cares about but at least I'm keeping it REAL."

You may be wondering "why are you calling this The Wicker Scale?" Well, as long time viewers of my old deleted blogs (i.e. nobody) know, The Wicker Scale is something I use to differentiate the good from the bad instead of something boring like 4 stars or 10/10 or something like that. Basically it's asking whether the movie in question is closer to the original 1973 version of The Wicker Man (interesting, original, entertaining) or closer to the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man (boring, derivative, awful to watch).

Is that a confusing and flimsy basis for evaluating a piece of art? Yes! So onward and upward I say!

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